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Recent News

CHAR Completes Acquisition of The Altech Group 

The Altech Group is pleased to announce that it has completed its merger with CHAR Technologies Ltd. , a publicly traded organization (YES:TSXV).

CHAR brings to Altech an opportunity to effect growth in all business lines at an optimal time. According to Alexander Keen, Founder and CEO of Altech, “CHAR brings an exciting future for Altech and our Clients. Our joint efforts in consulting engineering, GHG reduction, environmental compliance, property due diligence, resource efficiency and environmental technology design/build/installation going forward, will bring tremendous opportunities”.

A core business of CHAR is the production of a proprietary activated charcoal-like material (“SulfaCHAR”), which can be used to removed hydrogen sulfide from various gas streams (focusing on methane-rich and odorous air).  The SulfaCHAR, once used for the gas cleaning application, has further use as a sulfur-enriched biochar for agricultural purposes (saleable soil amendment product).

Bill White, Chairman of CHAR stated that, “The acquisition of the Altech Group adds over 30 years of experience in environmental technologies and professional engineering consulting” and that “Altech provides CHAR with a growth catalyst to move much of our engineering design in-house, while at the same time allows us to greatly expand our technology solutions offering for industrial clean air and clean water”.

The new joint enterprise plans to realize synergies and combined growth in Technology Systems and Environmental Consulting. New technology initiatives include the commercialization of a new cleantech solid fuel branded “CleanFyre”. CleanFyre will allow large industrial customers the ability to greatly reduce their GHG emissions without significant capital expenditures. According to Andrew White, CEO of CHAR, “CleanFyre will leverage both Altech’s experience and expertise, and CHAR’s platform pyrolysis technology, to create a solution with strong market pull and significant growth opportunity.

For more information call Alex Keen, CEO, Altech, at 416-467-5555 ext 223.


Exporting to China

Altech Technology Systems Inc., in conjunction with Cestoil Chemical Inc., their manufacturing representatives in China, are exporting the patented System REITHER venturi air scrubber to control fine particulate matter, and SOx from a waste acid recovery unit at Huizhou Petrochemical Refinery, a branch of CNOOC Refinery Co. Ltd., China. This is Altech’s first entry into the Chinese market to bring their latest air pollution control technology, to meet new strictly enforced Chinese air pollution regulations to combat increasing levels of air pollution from industrial sources. There are over 300 System REITHER air scrubber installations world-wide for a variety of air pollution control applications.

ALTECH科技系统公司向中国出口专利的REITHER文丘里气体净化系统 成功助力化工精炼企业控制PM和SOx的排放

Exporting to Brazil

Toronto, Ontario, August 18, 2014 – Altech Technology Systems Inc. is exporting patented System REITHER™ venturi air scrubber technology to control emissions from corn fibre dryers at Ingredion Brazil’s plant in Mogi Guacu, Brazil. This is the second largest Ingredion Inc. corn processing plant of over 40 world-wide. There are six Ingredion Brazil, corn processing plants in Brazil. Trade Shows Reports Bloom Centre for Sustainability Releases Report “Water Reuse Enables Business Growth At Algoma Orchards” which credits ALTECH’s System HyrdoKleen membrane bioreactor as the key component for treating process wastewater for recylcing in apple processing.

Exporting to Chile

Altech in conjunction with Tecnocomposites S.A., our distributor in South America, is exporting two 15,000 cfm System REITHER™ venturi wet scubber systems to control acid mist emissions from electo winning tank houses at a copper mining operation in Antucoya, Chile. This will be the first installation of the patented System REITHER™ scrubber design in South America.


US EPA finalizes Air Toxic Standards for Boilers using coal, biomass and heavy oil and commercial and industrial solid waste incinerators. Affected boiler operations are to comply by early 2016 and solid waste incinerators by early 2018. Our patented System REITHER™ Venturi  Wet Air Scrubber has demonstrated high removal efficiency for  PM 10, PM 2.5, Metal Oxides, HCl, and SO2 which are targeted by the new standards.

99.9% H2S Removal from Biogas

ALTECH  has conducted numerous successful field trials and pilot studies with their proprietary venturi scrubber for removing H2S from biogas generated in anaerobic digesters with 99.9% removal efficiency. ALTECH recently collaborated with DMT Environmental Technology from the Netherlands which has developed technology for upgrading biogas to grid and vehicle quality standards.  System REITHER H2S Removal Fact Sheet

Municipal Sewer Bylaw Enforcement

Municipalities have stepped up enforcement of sewer bylaw limits. ALTECH specializes in evaluating and designing fully operational process wastewater treatment systems for compliance with bylaw standards and to eliminate sewer surcharge agreements. We have numerous installations for controlling discharge to municipal sewer for: pH, BOD, Oil and Grease, Phosphorous and TKN. These projects not only result in compliance with sewer bylaw limits but also lower operating costs, with a short term payback on capital investment.  Industrial WWT Design Build