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Case Studies

Case Studies

  • Algoma Orchards System HydroKleen MBR: An apple processing plant located in rural Southern Ontario, planned to expanded their facility to include a new apple cider processing operation. The plant did not have access to municipal water services using well water supply
    and a septic bed for sewage.
  • Coagulation Process Description: The wastewater from the Fryer Rinse Cycle and first three steps of the Boil-Out cycle is diverted to holding tank.
  • Creosote Vapour Scrubber: A major railway tie supplier with 10 plants across the United States was receiving numerous odour complaints from neighbours and surrounding residents at their creosote wood preservation operations.
  • Emergency Chlorine Gas Scrubber: The use of hazardous industrial process gases such as chlorine and ammonia are becoming a growing concern in the event of an accidental release to worker safety and the surrounding community.
  • Altech Jet Venturi 100:
  • MSW Incinerator Quench Scrubber: ALTECH Technology Systems Inc.  was contacted by a Canadian waste incinerator manufacturer to designand supply a complete air emission pollution control system to meet strict regulatory limits for a diamond mine operation in a remote location.
  • Odour Contol Pilot Study: An Ontario municipal wastewater pumping station located in a residential area was the source of numerous nuisance odour complaints over an extended period. Hydrogen sulphide levels as high as 120 ppm have been regularly recorded at this location.
  • Odour Control Scrubber WWTP: A large milk processing plant located in San Antonio, Texas was receiving numerous odour complaints about their on-site wastewater treatment operation.
  • UF Plate Membrane: Membrane bioreactors are the next generation of activated sludge wastewater treatment processes. Ultra-filtration plate membrane modules replaces the conventional clarifier for the treated water from the biomass.