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ALTECH Technology Systems Inc.

Manufacturing Excellence and Customer Service

System Design

In providing customized pollution control solutions we often integrate commercially available and proven technologies with our own innovative engineered or patented systems. ATS designs, manufactures and installs turnkey systems which incorporate the following design criteria:

  • consistent compliance
  • expandability
  • automatic vs. manual operation
  • portability
  • minimizing operating costs
  • space requirements
  • minimizing maintenance costs
  • monitoring requirements
  • skilled manpower requirements
  • minimizing waste cost
  • minimum capital cost

ALTECH equipment is manufactured to high quality standards, custom designed and built to customer requirements. Materials of construction vary according to the application. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials are excellent for highly corrosive atmospheres. We also build in various grades of stainless steel, and epoxy coated carbon steel, but other metal alloys can also be supplied.

ALTECH is committed to a partnership with its customers and offers as an additional service air testing and contaminant evaluation capability. Altech ensures the success of every project by careful, comprehensive and accurate characterizations of customers’ processes. Altech has the engineering know-how and application experience to design and install a system for the most demanding performance requirements.

Sales & Service

For each installation, Altech provides ongoing customer service including site training, system operations, monitoring and maintenance agreements.

ALTECH delivers solutions for business and the environment