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ALTECH Technology Systems Inc.

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Incorporated in 1986, Altech Technology Systems Inc. is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Altech specializes in industrial air pollution control and wastewater treatment equipment technologies. Click for more information…

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Building Affordable Environmental Soultions

ALTECH Technology Systems Inc. provides and applies new, innovative technology to solve your environmental and energy problems. We design, build, and install innovative, and sometimes patented, Environmental solutions on a turnkey basis. Innovation creates cost effective alternatives. Altech combines highly skilled engineers with new technologies and approaches to design, build, and install a system that is cost effective and designed to solve your environmental or energy problem.

With a continuing R&D budget, Altech has developed a number of innovative and patented treatment technologies. In addition, innovative application of pollution prevention, waste minimization, and water recycling, or energy conservation leads to the most cost effective solution to business and environmental problems. Altech has a demonstrated history with integrating and applying these concepts into tangible, cost effective, equipment based solutions. These Cleantech solutions also have an impact on corporate sustainability targets and reducing the environmental and carbon footprint.

ALTECH’s award winning technologies are installed throughout North America.

Clean Water…Clean Air…Clean Energy