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Common Water Problems

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Municipal governments are getting more and more strict in the enforcement of sewer use standards. Industrial discharges such as biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD, COD), oils and grease (O&G), phosphorous (P), and even trace chemical compounds are enforceable. Altech has experience in achieving compliance through the application of our technologies coupled with smart application.

  • Reducing Sewer Surcharge Costs

    In many cases the cost of discharging wastewater is increasing significantly. Surcharges can total $60,000 to $300,000 a year. Altech can minimize or eliminate these costs! We have the experience in the application of our technologies to solve your problem cost effectively with an attractive payback.

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  • Cost of Water and Water Conservation

    The cost of water is increasing in every jurisdiction as municipalities find ways to support the real cost of supplying water. Altech is expert in implementing water recycling, and water conservation strategies, including the equipment and controls to make them work. These projects not only have economic paybacks but also support company Environmental Sustainability Programs and reducing the Environmental Footprint. These benefits are important to communicate to your customers and to gain public recognition.

  • Water Sufficiency and Close Loop Solutions

    In some cases water is a scarce commodity demanding more treatment. Altech has installed a number of close loop wastewater solutions that has solved this problem. For example, Altech has designed and installed the first wastewater treatment system in North America that treats wastewater from a food processor to potable water standards and reuse in the plant for sanitation in compliance with HACCP standards.