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Common Air Pollution Problems

  • Odours and Gases

    Regulatory authorities are becoming stricter on enforcing odour control based on odour complaints from residential and commercial neighbours. Altech’s approach to these problems is to understand the specific chemistry causing the odour, then design our air scrubbing system that targets the removal of the offending odours. For examples of odour control solutions…

  • Particulate and Toxics

    Particulate and those compounds that are defined as toxics require control. Emphasis on particulate, such as PM, PM 10, and PM 2.5, is under more scrutiny as government is concerned to protect public health. Altech delivers patented solutions to control these compounds.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Air pollution control requires confidence in knowing that your emissions are in compliance with the regulatory authority. Government requires strict compliance but air emissions are very complex. Altech understands the atmospheric chemistry involved, the modeling required, and builds reliable systems that perform at 98% and higher.

  • Emergency and Fugitive Emissions

    Some emissions are non routine or emergency releases. Emission control is triggered by an alarm or monitor that reliably starts the treatment process to treat the toxic gas. (click here to see our emergency chlorine gas scrubber). In some cases fugitive emissions are an issue, such as the release from storage tank vents, where the treatment system must operate continuously. In these cases Altech has a Jet Venturi that uses water pressure to pull the air, eliminating the requirement for a fan. In some cases, fugitive emissions are caused by an event in process, such as a tank door or hood opening. Altech handles these situations with a two stage system that automatically reacts to the door or hood opening.

  • Research and Investigation

    Not all air emission problems are always fully understood, especially with odours. Altech’s scientific and engineering knowledge, coupled with our experience, allows us to conduct sampling and investigative monitoring to determine the root cause of the problem. Altech can conduct vent/duct sampling, investigative analytical programs, and simulated emission control. Altech also has a number of pilot test units that can demonstrate the solution at your site.