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ALTECH Technology Systems Inc.

Clean Water Treatment Systems

Innovative Approach

Our approach is to design customized wastewater solutions integrating proven technologies with our own innovative engineered systems with a focus on short return on investment (ROI).

Experts in:

  • Meeting and Exceeding Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Pre-treatment of Wastewater to Eliminate Sewer Surcharge
  • Providing Complete Turnkey Packaged Systems
  • Minimizing Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Designing Modular Expandable Systems with Minimum Footprint
  • Providing Best Available Technology in Cost Effective Manner
  • Conduct Pilot Testing to Confirm Workable Approach
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Featured Technologies

Membrane Filtration Solutions

- excellent for water recycling and reuse situations. ALTECH provides Micro, Nano, and Ultrafiltration membrane separation systems. Reverse Osmosis it also provided for pure water applications. Altech combines these tools for treating wastewater, process water recycling, and product recovery, providing numerous opportunities for process cost savings. New advances in membrane technology provide lower capital cost and broader applications for treating industrial wastewater and process water. Altech’s extensive knowledge and experience with membrane filtration, as well as Altech’s experience with hundreds of industrial applications, is used to custom design a high performance wastewater treatment system tailored to the application.

Ultrafiltration Plate Membrane Systems

- excellent for water recycling applications where the membrane can
be immersed directly in the water. 
ALTECH fabricates and installs vacuum ultrafiltration membrane systems designed to be immersed directly into the wastewater. As a plate style membrane, a vacuum is applied on the inside, pulling the water through. These membranes are highly efficient in removing contaminants, including soluble organics (or BOD) and provide a high flow rate. They are excellent for recycling applications such as fruit and vegetable washwater recycling.

System HydroKleen™(MBR)

– A high rate biological oxidation Membrane Bioreactor with a small footprint. System HydroKleen is Altech’s high efficiency biological wastewater treatment system designed for high organic loading, BOD, TSS, nitrogen and phosphorous. Removal rates up to 99% are achieved. As a Membrane Bioreactor, it has a small footprint as any undegraded organics that leave the aeration chamber, will be filtered by the membrane system and recirculated back to the aeration chamber. Mixed liquor concentrations (the bacteria) can reach 10,000 ppm. Altech’s unique biomass recirculation system results in low sludge wasting. It is a fully automated system requiring little operator attention.

Water and Wastewater Recycling Systems

- incorporating all the tools to solve your water problem. With Altech’s extensive experience in industrial processing, Altech has designed and installed numerous water recycling and reuse solutions including complete close looped systems. Using the technology tools at our disposal, the key is in the application. Comprehensive and targeted designs, with the ability to fabricate and install in your operation, can be cost effective with an attractive payback based on water savings. Installation of recycling or water conservation systems has the added benefit of demonstrating continuous improvement to ISO 14001 and implementation of environmental sustainability measures.

Automated pH Effluent Control Systems

- reliable control of pH for effluents with variable flow. ALTECH supplies fully automated pH treatment systems for effluent discharge in compliance with municipal sewer standards. Municipalities are strict with pH limits leaving the plant as pH damages the sewer infrastructure. Compliance is the only option. Altech has a fully automated pH adjustment system that fits a small footprint. The system comes with the data monitoring package and software to track the discharge levels to prove compliance and to trouble shoot the system as required.

Coagulation, Flocculation, and Precipitation Systems

- Fully automated flow through batch treatment systems especially for Phosphorous. ALTECH has designed and supplies a fully automated, flow through, batch treatment system for coagulation and flocculation systems and for precipitation systems. Both treatment technologies are two step systems requiring a hold up time and batch mixing. As a flow through system, the treatment can achieve high daily flow rates while maintaining a small footprint. Altech’s systems can treat 10,000 to 20,000 gallons per day by treating small batches controlled by a series of automated valves and pumps that continuously fill and treat the batch tanks. Treatment systems remove BOD, oils and grease, and phosphorous from wastewater.