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ALTECH Technology Systems Inc.

Clean Air Treatment Systems

ALTECH Technology Systems Inc. has over two decades of supplying environmental technology solutions to a variety of challenging applications:

  • Odour control in a wide variety of municipal and industrial applications
  • Treatment of gases including VOCs, H2S, ammonia, styrene, chlorine, ethanol
  • Acids and aerosols including coal tar, creosote, phenols, oils
  • Heavy metals such as zinc, chrome and other plating & anodizing compounds
  • Flue Gases from thermal oxidation and incineration
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System REITHER™ – Venturi Scrubber

- designed for sub-micron particles and variable gas flows.ALTECH holds the exclusive license for a patented venturi scrubber offering a small footprint, high efficiency, high reliability, and an adjustable throat to accommodate variable gas flow. System REITHER™ is compact and highly efficient. Collection efficiencies of greater than 99% are achievable for particles less than 3 um in diameter. Also, System REITHER™ is efficient for acid mists and aerosols. It is easy to control and maintain while delivering high reliability.

System Bayer-REITHER™

-designed for particulate, gases, and aerosols.ALTECH holds the exclusive license to a related venturi technology that has all the advantages of System REITHER but requires a pressure differential of less than 2 inches of water column to operate. Because of the low pressure differential, the advantage of the Bayer-REITHER technology is that it can retrofit existing systems without replacing the fan. In applications where extremely high treatment efficiencies are required, both the Bayer-REITHER and System REITHER technologies can be applied in series.

Packed Tower Wet Scrubber

- designed for gas treatment.This scrubber features a vertical counter-current design for highly efficient absorption of problem gases. Contaminated emissions are drawn upward through a packed tower and scrubbing liquid flows down and around the packing material. Contaminants are transferred from gaseous state to the scrubber liquid. Efficiencies of greater than 98% are available.

Tray Scrubber

- designed for energy and water consumption efficiency.The Altech Tray Scrubber is innovative, incorporating barriers or trays that force the gas stream through a thin film of water resulting in the removal of soluble gases. These systems are ideal for product recovery and recycling situations because of the high removal efficiency, in excess of 99% and low water consumption.The Altech Tray Scrubber has proven cost effective in steel pickling processes.

Nozzle Scrubbers

- designed for gas and vapour treatment.ALTECH’s nozzle scrubber has a low pressure differential and has a proven track record with gases such as chlorine, HCl, SO2, NO2, sodium hydroxide, hydrogen fluoride, cyanide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and formaldehyde. Altech’s nozzle scrubber can be used as a second stage treatment after the removal of particulate and aerosols by the venturi.

Patented Quench Systems

- able to quench hot gases in a small space.ALTECH has exclusive license to the patented quench system that has the proven ability to reduce temperatures as high as 2000 F to 150 F in the span of about 6 feet. This is especially important when space is an issue and a small footprint is required.

Jet Venturi Scrubbers

- designed for passive and fugitive emissions.The jet venturi is an excellent solution to low volume emissions that may be intermittent and fugitive in nature, such as those from storage tank vents. The system does not require a fan to pull the emissions, but works by a continuous water spray that ‘pushes’ the air through the engineered venturi, creating a negative pressure or ‘pull’ behind it. As the gas or vapours are emitted, they are pulled through the unit and scrubbed with the scrubbing fluid. In this way the system is always on and ready as the emissions are generated.

Mist Eliminators

- integral part of many designs.ALTECH has extensive experience with many kinds of mist eliminators including mesh pad, chevron plate, and cyclonic demisters. Demister technology is often an integral part of the overall design. Demisters are relatively inexpensive and are effective treatment options.

Particulate Cyclones

- designed for larger particles and variable gas flows.Cyclones are simple yet effective devices with no moving parts and constructed of plastic or metal materials. They are designed for removal of large particles. Refractory lined units can be built for high-temperature applications. Cyclones use a centrifugal force generated by a pressure drop to separate particles from gases.Clean exhaust gas is discharged from the top and solids discharged from the bottom. Standard cyclones will provide almost complete separation of particles greater than 10 micron and high-efficiency designs will provide in excess of 97% separation of particles down to the 5-micron size.