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Clean Air – Tools to Solve Problems

Environmental Solutions

ALTECH Technology Solutions Inc. solves complex air pollution problems such as odour abatement, sub micron particulate, aerosols, gases, toxic, hazardous, and mixed gas streams. Altech designs and fabricates turnkey systems for installation throughout North America. Examples include:

  • Acid mists such as HCl, H2SO4, NH3, HF;
  • Odours such as H2S, ammonia, phenol formaldehyde, fatty acids, etc.;
  • Fine mists, organics, and alcohols such as ethanol;
  • Creosote and other high boiling PAH’s;
  • Anodizing and Plating emissions including hexavalent chrome;
  • Emergency chlorine gas emissions;
  • Metal oxides such as Cu, Zn, Pb;
  • Fine dusts and aerosols from all industrial sectors;
  • Combustion emissions from solid waste incineration

Common Air Problems:

Technologies Offered

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