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Strategic Energy Management Programs

Energy consumption and environmental performance have never been more closely linked than they are today. Energy efficiency saves money and provides a net environmental benefit. Concern with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and a company’s carbon footprint have generated a number of reasons to implement energy conservation and efficiency initiatives.

ALTECH’s team of experts understands the relationship between the production process and energy efficiency, and specializes in providing innovative, cost-effective solutions. Energy conservation must be integrated with the business and operations of the company on a practical basis if solutions are to be successful. As well as saving money, Altech can calculate the reduction in GHG emissions and the development of your carbon footprint. This can be important for marketing and reporting activities.

Corporate Energy Management Strategies

Corporate leadership demands an Energy Management Program. Altech provides corporate energy strategy support including business analyses, Technical Feasibility Studies, and climate change actions. An Energy Management Program puts your facility in control of your energy demand and supply now and for the future.

Demand Side Management

  • Energy Audits to determine baseline energy use and savings opportunities
  • Energy efficiency implementation, either as capital upgrade projects or low-cost procedural changes
  • Energy management programs consistent with ISO 50000
  • Integration of Government incentives

GHG and Carbon Footprint

  • Assessment and measurement of GHG emissions
  • Assessment and measurement of Carbon Footprint
  • GHG Emission and Carbon Footprint reduction strategies
  • Application of carbon and other environmental credits to off set costs

Alternate and Renewable Energy

  • Sizing and implementation of alternative energy options for industry
  • Experience with co-generation, geothermal, biogas, and energy from waste
  • Integration of Government incentives
Integrated Solutions for Business and the Environment