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Case Studies

Case Studies

Characterization of wastewater from Confectionary resulting in separation of streams
and implementation of cost effective 60,000 l/day treatment system using membranes.

The Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement (OCETA) selected ALTECH to undertake more than forty-five Energy Efficiency & Innovation Audits.

Performed a professional regulatory compliance review for a trailer park drawing
196,000 L/day of water from Lake Erie, Ontario.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) – Automotive Rubber Part Manufacturer
The Phase II ESA, Subsurface Investigation was designed to target four specific areas of the facility including: the West Press Line Hydraulic Oil Pit, the Transformer Enclosure, the Waste Storage Area and the Staining adjacent to the Nitrogen Tank.

Completed underground storage tank removal, soil contamination assessment, delineation and remediation at over 15 distinct sites across a metropolitan area.