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ALTECH Environmental Consulting Ltd.

Occupational Health and Safety

ALTECH support our clients by helping to assess problems and by developing solutions. Our experience and interpersonal communication skills allow us to work credibly with management and staff. Altech services include:

  • OHS Audits and Assessments

    Occupational Health and Safety audits conducted to assess compliance with regulatory requirements, standards and codes of practice. Audits to OHSAS 18000 standards are offered.

  • Air Monitoring and Exposure Assessments

    Employee exposure assessments conducted in accordance with regulations (designated substances) and with recognized standards including NIOSH and OSHA. Includes industrial exposure assessments and indoor air quality evaluations.

  • Noise Assessments

    Noise exposure monitoring and community noise impact studies conducted in accordance with legislation. Programs offered include average and peak noise level monitoring, dosimetry testing of employee exposure, and frequency analysis to assist in noise abatement.

  • Training Programs

    Industrial hygiene training programs offered on a variety of topics including Hazard Communication (WHMIS), Job Hazard Evaluations and Exposure Monitoring, as well as specialized training programs on the safe handling of chemicals specific to a client’s needs.

  • Control Programs

    Development of control programs to reduce employee exposure to toxic chemicals through all aspects of exposure control, including ventilation equipment, use of protective equipment and respirators, work practices, and employee training. Development of Designated Substances Programs in compliance with the legislation, where applicable.