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ALTECH Environmental Consulting Ltd.

Engineering and Technical Evaluations

ALTECH’s engineering specialists provide engineering solutions that are innovative, cost effective, and tailored to the client’s needs. Detailed engineering studies investigating air, odour, water, waste, or energy issues are often a result of compliance issues, complaints, or the opportunity to save money. Altech excels at applying the highest level of scientific, engineering, and technical knowledge and innovation in the areas of contaminant control, pollution prevention, resource conservation, and process optimization. Altech delivers Cleantech solutions where the bottom line is cost savings. The key is in Altech’s practical and innovative approach and efficient execution.

Innovation is the Key!

Our Engineering Division is committed to developing solutions to eliminate bottlenecks, streamline costs, and enhance efficiencies and productivity. We conduct comprehensive, carefully designed studies to provide concrete, practical solutions. Our recommendations are tailored to the client’s needs and designed for cost effective implementation.

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ALTECH’s experience with all types of sampling, metering, and measurement equipment, coupled with our ‘hands-on’ experience with industrial processes, allows us to conduct focused evaluations. With our ability to get very accurate field data, we can provide high quality solutions that will be rationalized and proven, providing

Integrated Solutions for Business and the Environment.

ALTECH services include:

  • Emission Characterization and Systems Design

    Characterization of process waste streams and design of control options, compliance programs, pollution prevention, resource conservation, or recycling technologies. Altech has demonstrated experience in air, water and waste management.

  • Performance Optimization

    Performance evaluation and optimization of existing emission control equipment or facilities can often be more cost effective than building new. Altech has the experience with equipment to be able to optimize and modify, including design and costing of any necessary upgrades.

  • Wastewater Studies and Treatment Design

    Sewer discharge evaluations, water use audits and reduction programs, detailed contaminant studies leading to regulatory, pollution prevention, or process optimization programs provides a more cost effective approach to meeting compliance.

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  • Energy Audit and Detailed Feasibility Studies and M&T

    Often as a result of the Energy Audit, energy saving projects are identified. Altech conducts detailed energy engineering feasibility studies to design and cost the solution. An accurate Return on Investment (ROI) is presented for capital appropriation. This can also include Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) strategies and programs.

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  • Waste Management Services

    Hazardous and solid waste audits including the identification and characterization of waste streams. Our objective is to minimize cost through recycling, reuse, volume reduction and upgrading technologies.

  • Air Emissions Control

    ALTECH provides monitoring and control services in this specialized area, including vent sampling as well as ambient air monitoring:

  • Emission testing and data interpretation
  • Odour evaluations and control strategies
  • Dispersion Modeling and stack height
  • Certificate of Approval Applications
  • Fugitive emissions monitoring and control
  • Regulatory compliance strategies and government negotiations
  • Emission inventory development
  • National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) emission reporting


We have experience in all these areas – ask us!