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ALTECH Environmental Consulting Ltd.

Corporate Profile

ALTECH is a full-service engineering and consulting firm providing energy, environmental, and health and safety services to clients. We specialize in corporate management systems, energy and environmental audits and assessments, contaminated site investigation and remediation, health & safety management, training, and industrial hygiene. read more

Established in 1986, we employ multi-disciplinary professionals including energy and environmental engineers, scientists, hydrogeologists, geologists and technicians committed to providing our clients the highest quality service and integrated solutions for business and the environment.

“Our practical business perspective is what sets us apart”

The ALTECH Approach

Our first priority is client satisfaction. Our approach to every project involves:

  • Developing innovative solutions that reduce or eliminate our
    client’s risk
  • Practical to implement
  • Cost-efficient

Long-Term Relationships

More than 75% of our business comes from long term relationships with our clients. Our knowledge of your operation and your people allows us to provide fast and targeted responses to your questions. All consultation over the phone is free!

Industrial Focus

A large portion of our business is with industrial sector clients, with the intent to help cost effectively integrate environmental and energy solutions that improve your business. We understand industrial requirements and have experience in all sectors.

Flexible Approach

We listen carefully to our clients’ needs and are proud of our ability to consistently provide cost effective solutions that work.

Regulatory Knowledge

We stay current with legislation in jurisdictions across North America so that we can provide accurate and timely advice to our clients.

“Integrated solutions for business and the environment”

ALTECH has established a reputation for providing clients with leading-edge technical knowledge together with highly efficient and effective problem solving. Altech delivers integrated, processed based, solutions to industry locally, nationally, and internationally.

Industrial Experience Includes:

  • Food processing including bakeries, confections, snack foods, prepared foods
  • Beverage production including fruit juice, breweries, wineries, carbonated drinks
  • Agri-food processing including vegetable and livestock
  • Poultry, beef, hog and seafood processing including abattoir & product process
  • Dairy and Cheese products
  • Wood including paperboard, corrugated, pressure treated, and products
  • Printing and printing ink
  • Petroleum refining and distribution including oil, grease, and asphalt
  • Chemical manufacturing including specialty chemicals and ethanol
  • Steel and aluminum mills and secondary smelting, including foundries
  • Metal stamping, heat treating, coating, painting, and fabricated products
  • Automotive product manufacturing
  • Fertilizer production
  • Plastic manufacturing including resin, injection and blow molding
  • Personal care products
  • Paints, coatings, and adhesives
  • Metal electroplating, anodizing, and finishing