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ALTECH Environmental Consulting Ltd.

Auditing and Verification Services

ALTECH was formed in 1986 to practice in the discipline of Environmental Auditing. Since then, we have expanded our auditing and assessment services to include:

  • Environmental Management System Audits (to ISO 14001 Standards)
  • Environmental Compliance Audits (for ISO 14001 Certification Audits)
  • Environmental Site Assessments (to CSA Z768-01, CSA Z769-00, O. Reg. 511/09, ASTM E-1527)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Audits (to OHSAS 18001 standards)
  • Pre Start Health and Safety Reviews (compliant with O. Reg 528/00 and 851)
  • Energy Efficiency Audits (to ISO 50000 and to identify cost savings)
  • Greenhouse Gas Audits and verification (for regulatory reporting)
  • Solid and Zero Waste Audits (for compliance to O. Reg. 102/103)
  • Environmental Service Supplier Audits (Haz waste suppliers, WEEE Services, RoHs & REACH)
  • Water Efficiency and Conservation Audits (to identify cost savings)
  • Pollution Prevention Audits (Reporting to Toxics Reduction Act and cost savings)
  • Eco-Efficiency Innovation Audits (to identify cost savings)
  • Carbon and Environmental Footprint Assessments (to respond to customer and public interest)

Environmental and OHS Audits and assessments are consistent with the ISO 14000 & OHSAS 18000 series of standards. Our staff include Certified Environmental Auditors (CEA) able to perform a wide range of audit assignments. Altech conducts environmental or health and safety compliance audits, or we can complete a detailed audit of the Management System designed to provide assurance of performance. Auditing performance to the ISO 14031 standard is also available.

ALTECH staff are experienced trainers in both ISO 14011 auditing techniques as well as auditor training compliant with the OSHAS 18001 standard. Finally, it is often efficient to conduct an integrated environmental, health and safety audit. Altech has all the protocols and standards to address your operation and your objectives or concerns.

Environmental Site Assessments are conducted in accordance with the CSA Z768-01 and CSA Z769-00 (and ASTM E 1527 in the USA) for corporations, banks, trust companies, law firms, trustees, and brokers. We conduct a large number of Phase I and Phase II assessments throughout the US and Canada each year. We understand the business transactions and the need for a comprehensive assessment under tight time constraints. Where further investigation or remediation is required, Altech has the professional staff and experience to implement practical, cost effective programs.

Energy Audits are designed to identify opportunities to optimize plant processes and achieve energy, water and wastewater treatment efficiencies. Energy audits identify high return investment projects to reduce energy costs, material and water usage, and Greenhouse Gas emissions to improve environmental performance and overall competitiveness. In many instances, clients may be eligible for financial government assistance.

Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, and Pollution Prevention activities make good business sense. Innovative projects can:

  • Save you money
  • Help reposition or rebrand your products and services
  • Reduce your environmental or carbon footprint
  • Help demonstrate continuous improvement
  • Integrate with Environmental Sustainability Metrics

Environmental Sustainability Supplier Assessments

With increasing questions from your customers and the public on your environmental or carbon footprint – and the pressure to reduce it – Altech can help develop a corporate response in a way that is comprehensive and professional, but practical and cost effective to your operation. Altech can review and assess environmental sustainability programs, such as environmental management, water conservation, and energy efficiency with a format that can result in a template and ‘scorecard’ assessment rating. The results of the assessment provide clear guidance on programs and projects that will reduce the corporate environmental and carbon footprint.